The Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Laboratory is committed to education in the general area of Dynamics at all levels.

Core undergraduate courses
We share joint responsibility with Prof. Christoph Glocker's group for teaching Mechanics III (Dynamics) to both mechanical engineering and civil engineering undergraduate students.

Advanced undergraduate courses
We are developing an advanced undergraduate course in the area of Chaotic Dynamics, with an emphasis on applications in mechanical engineering. Prof. Haller has taught a well-received course on Topics in Chaotic Dynamics at Brown University, which will serve as a basis for the development of a similar course at ETH Zurich.

Masters/Ph.D. level courses
We alternate in the teaching of Nonlinear Dynamics I with Prof. Remco Leine. We have also developed a more advanced follow-up course, Nonlinear Dynamics II, offered by our laboratory every other year. Nonlinear Dynamics I introduces graduate students to the modern geometric theory of dynamical systems, with applications selected from various branches of mechanical engineering and applied science. Nonlinear Dynamics II builds on this material and prepares students for Ph.D.-level research specifically in the area of nonlinear dynamical systems. This Nonlinear Dynamics sequence has previously been taught by Prof. George Haller at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at McGill University.