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Fostering young academics
Postdocs and graduate students in the group regularly attend major international conferences and present their work. They perfect their presentation skills in weekly research updates, where they receive detailed and in-depth feedback on their work. All members of the group have powerful computational resources available to them, including one high-end workstation per person, as well as access to the BRUTUS cluster at ETH. This environment ensures that young academics in our group are well-positioned for academic and industrial careers at top institutions, as is demonstrated by the professional achievements of former members of the group. Positions currently held by former group members include tenured faculty positions at Brown University, City University of New York, San Diego State University, University of Central Arkansas, and the University of East Anglia; tenure track faculty positions at Harvard, MIT and UC Berkeley; and a senior research position at United Technologies.

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water'Black holes' of the ocean could curb climate change. New Scientist, 2013

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PublicationsThe Maxey--Riley equation: Existence, uniqueness and regularity of solutions

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PublicationsThe Maxey -- Riley equation: Existence, uniqueness and regularity of solutions.