Seminar Series

Advanced Topics in Flow Visualization

This seminar series will cover advanced topics in scientific visualization that arise in the visual analysis of flow phenomena and their associated scalar, vector, and tensor field attributes. State-of-the-art techniques will be presented that create high-quality visualization of large-scale numerical datasets. The underlying spatial data structures and numerical algorithms will figure prominently in the discussion.


  • Fr., 13.5., 11:00-12:00, CLA E 4
  • Fr., 27.5., 11:00-12:00, CLA E 4

Fr., 3.6., 13:00-14:00, CLA E 4

  • Fr., 17.6., 11:00-12:00, ML J 37.1
  • Fr., 15.7., 11:00-12:00, CLA E 4

Tentative topics (order subject to changes):

• Data structures, spatial queries, and data reconstruction
• Visualization of volume data
• Efficient and accurate computation of flow map and its gradient
• Extraction and advection of manifold objects
• Comparison of ODE solvers in practical scenarios
• Parallel computing on multi-core and GPU architectures

Course material

Course syllabus