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We develop mathematical and numerical methods for complex, nonlinear dynamical systems in nature and engineering. Our approach combines applied mathematics, dynamical systems theory and numerical methods to produce algorithms directly applicable to experimental and numerical data sets. Areas of current interest include nonlinear vibrations of multi-degree-of-freedom structures, rigorous model reduction in very high dimensional systems, complicated transport processes in the ocean and the atmosphere, and the definition and identification of coherent structures in turbulence.

Latest Video

February 2, 2019

George Haller’s lecture on the nonlinear dynamics of transport barriers. [View]

Latest Research

September 7, 2018

BarrierTool: A MATLAB user interface developed by our group for the automated calculation of advective, diffusive and stochastic transport barriers in two-dimensional velocity data. [View]

G. Haller, D. Karrasch & F. Kogelbauer, Material barriers to diffusive and stochastic transport. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., published online (2018). [PDF] [Supporting Information]

M. Serra, J. Vétel & G. Haller, Exact Theory of Material Spike Formation in Flow Separation. J. Fluid Mech. (2018) 845, 51-92. [View PDF]

F. J. Beron-Vera, A. Hadjighasem, Q. Xia, M. J. Olascoaga & G. Haller, Coherent Lagrangian swirls among submesoscale motions. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. (2018) 201701392 [View PDF][Supporting information]

S. Ponsioen, T. Pedergnana & G. Haller, Automated Computation of Autonomous Spectral Submanifolds for Nonlinear Modal Analysis. J. Sound Vib. 420 (2018) 269-295 [View PDF]

M. Serra, P. Sathe, F. Beron-Vera & G. Haller, Uncovering the Edge of the Polar Vortex. J. Atm. Sci. 74 (2017) 3871–3885 [View PDF]

Latest News

November 21, 2018

Dr. Mohammad Farazmand appointed as Assistant Professor in Mathematics at the University of North Carolina, Raleigh
Mohammad Farazmand, formerly a Ph.D student in our group, currently a postdoc at MIT, has been appointed as tenure-track Assistant Professor in Mathematics. Congratulations, Mohammad! [View]

Mattia Serra receives ETH medal for outstanding doctoral thesis
View article: [View]

APS Focus on our research on invisible traps in pipes
View APS Focus article: [View]

Mattia Serra receives the inaugural Schmidt science fellowship
Congratulations to Mattia on receiving this fellowship!.
View press release in Forbes: [View]
View press release in PR Newswire: [View]
More about the Schmidt Science Fellows: [View]

David Oettinger appointed at ELCA
Congratulations to David on his Ph.D. defence and on his new position at ELCA!.
More about ELCA: [View]

Mattia Serra appointed as postdoc at Harvard
Congratulations to Mattia on his Ph.D. defence and on his new postdoctoral position at Harvard University! [View].

New group members: Mattia Cenedese and Stergios Katsanoulis
Welcome on board, Mattia and Stergios! [Meet the team].

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News-walls of water'Black holes' of the ocean could curb climate change. New Scientist, 2013

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The Maxey--Riley equation: Existence, uniqueness and regularity of solutions

Software Development

Academic Development at nonlinear dynamicsLCS Tool performs computations for the analysis of Lagrangian coherent structures.