Haller Group | Nonlinear Dynamics

We develop nonlinear dynamical systems methods to solve complex problems in applied science and engineering.

We specialize in devising analytical and numerical techniques for dynamics problems with nonstandard features: high-dimensionality, strong nonlinearity, time-dependence or multi-scale nature.

Such problems are also often defined through spatially and temporally limited data sets, not by equations. Examples include the analysis of transport processes and coherence in the ocean and the atmosphere, real-time detection of aerial turbulence near airports, theory and control of unsteady aerodynamic separation, dynamics of inertial particles under memory effects, and dynamic transition state theory in chemical reaction dynamics.

Upcoming Nonlinear Dynamics Seminars

March 2, 2018, 15:00-16:00, LEE M 207.
Thomas Breunung - "Time-varying Spectral Submanifolds: Calculation of Backbone Curves and Forced Response”.

January 19, 2018, 11:00-12:00, LEE M 207.
Florian Kogelbauer - "Convergence of SSMs to LSMs".

December 19, 2017, 15:00-16:00, LEE M 207.
Sten Ponsioen - "Computation of Non-autonomous Spectral Submanifolds using Automatic Differentiation”.

Latest Research

February 23, 2018

S. Ponsioen, T. Pedergnana & G. Haller, Automated Computation of Autonomous Spectral Submanifolds for Nonlinear Modal Analysis. J. Sound Vib. 420 (2018) 269-295 [View PDF]

M. Serra, P. Sathe, F. Beron-Vera & G. Haller, Uncovering the Edge of the Polar Vortex. J. Atmospheric Sci., J. Atm. Sci. 74 (2017) 3871–3885 [View PDF]

R. Szalai, D. Ehrhardt & G. Haller, Nonlinear model identification and spectral submanifolds for multi-degree-of-freedom mechanical vibrations. Proceedings of the Royal Society A (2017) 473 20160759. [View PDF]

Latest News

January 4, 2018

David Oettinger appointed at ELCA
Congratulations to David on his Ph.D. defence and on his new position at ELCA!.

Mattia Serra appointed as postdoc at Harvard
Congratulations to Mattia on his Ph.D. defence and on his new postdoctoral position at Harvard University! [View].

New group members: Mattia Cenedese and Stergios Katsanoulis
Welcome on board, Mattia and Stergios! [Meet the team].

Press Archive

News-walls of water'Black holes' of the ocean could curb climate change. New Scientist, 2013

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The Maxey--Riley equation: Existence, uniqueness and regularity of solutions

Software Development

Academic Development at nonlinear dynamicsLCS Tool performs computations for the analysis of Lagrangian coherent structures.